AV Welcomes: Altos Ventures🚀

Angel Ventures launched this initiative to gave a warm welcome to the Altos Ventures’ team, a venture capital firm with more than $8 billion in assets under management focused on investments in early-stage technology companies.

Hernán Fernández and Camilo Kejner, Managing Partners at Angel Ventures opened the event with a few welcoming words and later Claudia Avilán, Head of Revenue at Metamap, continued explaining how their platform works to reach more entrepreneurs in the region. The event ended with a few words from Dillon Krasnigor from the Altos Ventures team.

This was a great opportunity to meet other investors and entrepreneurs from the Bay Area and create valuable connections.



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Mexican Venture Capital firm currently investing in the fields of BoP, Healthcare, Fintech, TIC’s, Retail/Mobility and FoodTech. @AVM_Mex